Nova Health & Wellness Spending Account Desktop UI

The team at Nova needed an uplift of their web and mobile app. They serve multiple types of users, with different needs. The web app is used by company administrators and brokers, while the mobile app is used by the employees. The employees receive a card which can be used to pay for health and wellness expenses, in the limits set by the administrator.

Nova Spending Account Desktop UI

Alternate Dashboard UI proposal

Adjudication Process

Currently the transactions are adjudicated by a Third Party Administrator, while an AI solution is in development to automate the adjudication process. After a transaction takes place, the mobile user is requested to take a photo of the receipt. The receipt photo will go through an OCR process and the data on the receipt is used to adjudicate the claims.

Brokerage House Page

The Mobile App

The users swipe the card and the transaction shows up in the app. But they also have the ability to submit a claim for an out-of-pocket transaction, with minimum amount of additional information required.
The app also allows your dependents to have their own card, spending from the same account.