Flexway is a pioneering force in the healthcare staffing industry, dedicated to revolutionizing the way healthcare facilities and professionals connect by addressing the critical challenges faced by healthcare facilities in managing unfilled shifts and empowering healthcare professionals with flexible work opportunities.

services provided

‍Web design
Webflow implementation
Mobile app design
Desktop app design

The mission

The mission of the project was to establish a streamlined process enabling healthcare facilities to efficiently identify and engage qualified professionals to fill vacant shifts. Central to this initiative was the facilitation of a user-friendly onboarding experience for all parties involved, coupled with a rigorous verification process to ensure that each professional possessed the requisite certifications for employment within their respective fields.

The personas

The two principal stakeholders involved are the facility administrator and the healthcare professional.

Facility administrator

In response to a need for staffing a vacant shift on the following day, the healthcare facility administrator initiates the process by creating and publishing a new shift within the platform. The app then matches the shift with a healthcare professional who meets the specified criteria.

The healthcare professional

The healthcare professional specifies their availability for new shifts within the platform. Upon the identification of shifts that align with their experience and qualifications, the professional is notified and is required to confirm their attendance for the designated shifts.